Monday, March 23, 2015

Hypertension And All The Pains Have Gone!

Rejuvenated At 69- Hypertension And All The Pains Have Gone!

Testimony by Mr. Tony Atkinson, 69 yrs old, New Zealand

"I have always been skeptical about herbs and natural healing. For the past four years, I have experienced swelling and pain in my both hands. The only way to temporarily stop the pain was to use 'bee stings'. I even had pain in my neck and shoulder area for months, but I thought this was part of 'growing old'. My blood pressure was high and I had been on medications for over 10 years.

After following Dr. Lynn's Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme during the Health Retreat held in Kundasang, Sabah, in 2004, all the pain totally disappeard! I have not taken any blood pressure medications for days. My last blood pressure reading was 116/81 (perfectly normal!).

I feel like the Six Million Dollar Man - Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better...
I feel like I can go home and carry on working for the next 30 years!"