Thursday, July 23, 2009

NewLife Malaysia and Health

Dr Lynn Tan believes our bodies are wonderfully made by God to be self-repairing, self-rejuvenating. Our dream is to impart health knowledge to as many as possible so that they are free of disease.

NewLife™ International ~ A one-stop health centre. For a Healthy & Vibrant You.

Dr. Lynn Tan, a co-founder of NewLife™ International, was a vibrant and energetic young lady when she was young. She excelled in sports and on many occasions, represented her State in many athletic games. But at the age of nineteen, her health broke down; nobody could fathom why this was happening.

She began feeling ill and tired easily. The days when she used to be so active had become memories of the past. The demands of a teaching career, marriage, and the birth of two children, soon took their toll. She found herself growing weaker by the day. She became easily irritated and as a result, found herself losing her temper on her students. It was then that she decided to quit teaching. She said, "I just couldn't let them be my punching bags." As her physical condition deteriorated, she found herself sleeping or just lying in bed more and more each day.

Witnessing this was her husband, Mr. C.K. Tan, who took her to see many doctors in Malaysia and Singapore. Medically, none of them could find anything wrong with her. Soon, chasing doctors became a frustrating experience. "It came to a point where I was longing to be told that I had a particular disease because then, my frustration and depression caused by not knowing what was wrong with me would end," she said.

Then one day, a miracle occurred. Her family met Dr. Costa Deir, a visiting preacher at their church. They offered to house Dr. Costa for that visit. To her delight, Dr. Deir was a medical doctor and a naturopath, who held several Ph.D.s. He diagnosed her weakened condition as toxemia, or poisons, throughout her body.

Dr. Lynn began taking steps to detoxify her body and followed commonsensical principles like "Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food." Within just a few months, she realized that her body had become vibrant and healthy. Grateful for the change in her, Dr. Lynn embarked on an intensive research into Natural Health; as she did so, her vision to bless others with the knowledge of total health was conceived.

Today, Dr. Lynn Tan devotes her time to sharing with others this wonderful crusade of health and natural healing. This vision has become to many their anchor to a healthier life, a revitalized body, and a renewed mind.